“I got Botox for the first time from Dr. John and had an amazing experience! He explained each step and I absolutely love the results. I would highly recommend Dr. John and his entire staff!”
“I had my first visit with Dr. John McRae today. This was my first experience with injections and I was nervous upon arrival. From the moment I walked in I was instantly put at ease. The office is beautiful and I was greeted by friendly staff. Dr. McRae is knowledgeable, thorough and his attention to detail and genuine care for his patients is obvious. I was told to expect results within a few days, but noticed improvement the moment in got in car. I absolutely recommended this office and am so thankful I decided to schedule with them!”

Reduce the signs of aging by improving fine lines and smoothing wrinkles for a natural, youthful appearance!

Treat the most troublesome areas!

  • “11” Lines or Frown Lines
  • Forehead Lines
  • Crow’s Feet
  • Bunny Lines


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(24 hours on November 25, 2022)

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2. Schedule your appointment

Appointments will need to be scheduled at the time of purchase for no longer than 3 months away from now.

3. Experience 50 units of Pure Tox

NO BANKING UNITS! That’s right! Experience FULL CORRECTION. Your muscles will relax and prevent future wrinkles and your treatment will last longer!

4. Schedule your Follow up

Follow up appointment 2 weeks later are standard. We would rather under treat you, wait 2 weeks, see how your muscles respond, and always add more at no cost If needed!

What is Xeomin, the Smart Tox?

Xeomin is an advanced, purified version of Botox! It works the same, but without all of the unnecessary ingredients.

  • Lightweight, Natural Feel

Xeomin has the same amount of active ingredients as Botox, NewTox, and Dysport, but without all the “junk”! This means it doesn’t weigh your eyebrows down or make you feel “frozen”. This also means LESS HEADACHES! Xeomin works just as well, lasts just as long, and sets in just as quickly!

  • Keeps Working

Xeomin is the only neurotoxin known to NOT cause a negative immune response. This means it will keep working just as well time and time again!

Why go purified?

These unnecessary ingredients in Botox have 2 negative aspects;

  • HEAVY Feeling

Over 80% of the weight in Botox is unnecessary ingredients. This is why you feel “frozen” and heavy. This weight causes headaches!

  • Stops Working – Negative Immune Response

These unnecessary ingredients cause a negative immune response that puts your body in defense mode. The more Botox you get throughout your life, the less effective it becomes and the more units you require.

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What People Are Saying…

“Dr. John McRae is amazing he always does a great job and I love the results I get from pure tox injections. I also appreciate his honestly and he doesn’t try to over sell and make you do more injections than what you actually need. I highly recommend him and I will definitely be returning. Thank you!”
“Amazing! One week after Pure Tox and my “judgement wrinkle” is completely gone!”


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